BOFA takes top award at PRIA Golden Target Awards for Excellence
BOFA takes top award at PRIA Golden Target Awards for Excellence

BOFA takes top award at PRIA Golden Target Awards for Excellence

The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (BOFA) has been awarded state honours at the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Golden Target Awards 2012 (Arts) for its PR campaign run by Tsuki.

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The PRIA Golden Target Awards is a national campaign competition that recognises excellence in public relations and communication. Runners up within the Arts category were campaigns for Opera Australia and the 2011 Outpost Project for the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

In 2011, Tsuki was asked to raise national and state awareness for BOFA and build industry recognition, establishing the festival as a serious contender in the film festival circuit, as well as a cultural destination event for Tasmania.

Results exceeded all expectations and highlighted BOFA’s unique positioning as a festival which inspires positive change. 2011 attendance was strong and BOFA was named one of the year’s top festivals by ABC Limelight as well as one of the seven significant film festivals by mUmBRELLA.

“The 2011 Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival, has moved from a largely unknown film festival with potential, to a nationally known festival with excellent prospects. Much of the credit for this rapid success story is due to the team at Tsuki. Targets and goals set at the beginning of the campaign were exceeded by up to 400% and represented an outstanding return on investment. Nothing was ever too much trouble and BOFA was given star treatment,” said Owen Tilbury, founder and festival director, BOFA.

State winners will then be entered into the National Golden Target Awards in Melbourne on 19, November 2012.

BOFA 2012 round from 8 -11 November 2012. For further details, please refer to the BOFA website.


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