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Screen Tasmania

April 2020

In April 2020, Screen Tasmania approved support totalling $72 000 in Project Development, and $30 000 in Games Development. This was an accelerated decision process to assist industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Games development - Production and release

Party Poppers, couch competitive party platforming game ($30 000)

Production company: Giant Margarita
Platform: Console
Senior Producer: Kristy de Salas
Lead Programmer: Lachlan Hopkins
Lead Designer: Ian Lewis
Senior Developer: Lindsay Wells
Lead Technical Artist: Andrew Mendlik
Lead Artist: Sally McKenzie
Junior Producer: Mitch Patterson

Party Poppers follows in the footsteps of Party Golf and Party Crashers with the same four-player couch gameplay but with the brand-new adorable Poppers and with the same incredible customisation options that allow the player to make the game their own. Party Poppers eases players into the game and then lets them find their own fun!

Project development - Advanced stage

The Gloaming, season 2 – 8 x 50 minute drama series ($25 000)

Production companies: The Two Jons Pty Ltd, Sweet Potato Films Pty Ltd
Marketplace: Stan 
Executive Producers/Producers: Vicki Madden, John Molloy
Writer: Vicki Madden 
Director: Greg McLean

There’s a light shining on the other side of the forest and a small mining town into which darkness has descended. A terror. Something other. Into this comes Molly and Alex, drawn in like moths to a beckoning flame.

Project development - Intermediate stage

Hells Gates – 8 x 1 hour drama series ($17 000)

Production company: Electric Yak Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: David Gurney, Alicia Rackett
Producers: Fiona McConaghy, Alicia Rackett
Co-producer: Paul Moran
Script Producer: Sam Carroll

When Sydney office manager Julia unexpectedly inherits a seafishing business on Tasmania’s remote west coast, she discovers that it’s a front for a seafood smuggling operation, and her life takes a dramatic turn as she embraces her new life of crime.

Tassie's HOT Right Now – 3 x 1 hour documentary series ($15 000)

Writers/Producers: Celia Boden, Sue Clothier

Tassie's Hot Right Now shines a light on those people who have made the life changing decision to move to Tasmania as a direct result of climate change.  This series follows 4 groups of people who have made that decision and to see the impact that places on their lives and relationships.

Project development - Short form series booster

Nashayleah (formerly Sisters Unearthly) – 7 x 10 minute ($15 000)

Producers: Catherine Pettman, Rebecca Thomson
Writer/Director: Rebecca Thomson
Script Editor: Kate Forsyth

A series of short original fairy tales sewn together by a mute mother trying to reclaim her stolen voice. Nashayleah, a desperate young mother, gives up her voice to a stranger in exchange for medicine for her sick newborn babe. However, upon realising she has made a terrible mistake she seeks to reclaim it from him, but inadvertently becomes responsible for the voices of six others.  As her quest continues these voices bicker, judge, and challenge her but also share strange little tales of magic and wisdom from their own people that speak to their fears, desires and give the Nashayleah courage to continue.