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Screen Tasmania

February 2020

In February 2020, Screen Tasmania approved support totalling $40 500 in Project Development and $100 000 in Production Investment.

Production investment

The Tailings, 6 x 10 minute/1 hour drama ($100 000)

A Liz Doran Productions in association with 2 Jons and Roar Film. Principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with SBS. Financed with support from Screen Tasmania.

Broadcaster: SBS On Demand
Producers: Liz Doran, Richard Kelly, Steve Thomas
Director: Stevie Cruz-Martin
Writer: Caitlin Richardson

The drama follows a daughter’s investigation into her father’s death. It takes place in her tight-knit, remote community in the wilderness of the West Coast of Tasmania.

Project development - Intermediate stage

Australia's Best Street Racer: Tokyo Swift – 55 minute feature ($12 000)

Production company: One Stone Pictures Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Nathan Earl
Series Producer: Georgie Lewin
Writers/Directors: Michael O'Neill, Dylan Hesp

Unaware he's being cat-fished, 18 year old P-plater Taylor James travels to Tokyo, Japan, to conquer the Japanese late night street racing scene in a bid to win the heart of his long distance girlfriend - motorsport celebrity Kisaragi Awano.

Dear Ghosts – 6 x 30 minutes comedy series ($13 500)

Executive Producers: Michael Cordell, Rachael Taylor
Producers: Adam Zwar, Amanda Brotchie
Writers: Adam Zwar, Amanda Brotchie, Rachael Taylor

When the recently bereaved Marion, her two kids, and her two loving but useless friends Zee and Danny all pack up for an old farmhouse in Tasmania, they don’t bargain on their past quite literally coming to haunt them!

Raffles. The Phoenix and the Lion – 8 x 1 hour drama series ($15 000)

Production company: Beach House Pictures Pty Ltd, Fable Merchants Pty Ltd, Utopia Media Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Richard Payten, Sue Clothier, Andrew Mackie, Jocelyn Little
Producers: Posie Graeme-Evans, Donovan Chan, Jocelyn Little
Writers: Posie Graeme-Evans, Donovan Chan

A series that draws the audience through the doors of the most famous hotel in the world during the golden age of travel. Royalty, aristocrats, con-artists, spies, politicians, merchants and soldiers from East and West are thrown together in the final glory days of the British Empire, the last gasp of Colonialism. But the guests are no more remarkable than the staff: Sikhs, Haianese, Malaysians, mainland Chinese, Burmese, Siamese all have their own reasons to serve in RAFFLES hotel. Oil on water, the Westerners and the Easterners, but water, in the end, flows everywhere.