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Screen Tasmania

October 2021

One project approved for $70 000 of Production Investment will be announced when third party finance is secured.

Project Development – Advanced stage

The Wild – 6 x 1 hr drama series ($7 000)

Details of this project have been withheld at this stage.

Project Development – Intermediate stage

Emotional Whiplash – 8 x 30 min comedy series ($15 000)

  • Production company: Polyphonic Media
  • Executive Producer: Rosie Lourde
  • Creator/Writer/Producer: Fiora Cutler
  • Writers: Nick Onassis, Bar Ben Yossef
  • Script Editor: Celia Pacquola

When 39 year old Evie, vocal coach to the stars, returns to regional Tasmania from Los Angeles with her biological clock pounding and a relationship roadmap built on a lifetime of Hollywood rom coms, what could possibly go wrong? Plenty. And, my god, is she going to sing about it!

Fermenting Chaos – 8 x 1 hr drama series ($15 000)

  • Production company: The Steve Jaggi Company
  • Producers: Steve Jaggi, Kelly Son Hing
  • Writer/Creator: Anthea Pritchard
  • Writers: David Hannam, Caitlin Richardson

A young advertising gun inherits a decaying family beer business and must invade territory closely guarded by centuries of bloke-lore to save the business, her family and herself.

Finnegan’s Field – 120 minute feature drama ($15 000)

  • Production company: Sweet Potato Films
  • Executive Producer/Writer: Victoria Madden
  • Executive Producer: John Molloy
  • Director: Sian Davies

When 12 year-old Clodagh mysteriously reappears after 3 agonising years, her mother is overjoyed. But Annie senses her daughter isn't quite the same girl who left and is soon faced with a horrifying truth.

Surviving Port Arthur – 90 min feature documentary ($15 000) ($15 000)

  • Production company: Polaris Pictures
  • Producer: Sue Clothier
  • Producer/Writer/Director: Neil Triffett
  • Director: Jaya Balendra

Is it possible for a community to heal after extreme trauma and what does it take for a community to recover?

Untitled Debi Marshall documentary ($15 000)

  • Production company: Media Stockade
  • Executive Producer: Mark Morrissey
  • Producers: Rebecca Barry, Madeleine Hetherton
  • Writer/Co-producer: Debi Marshall
  • Co-writer/Director: Chris Thorburn

Further details will be released when appropriate.

Stumped – 6 x 30 min Children’s drama series ($15 000)

  • Production company – Blue Rocket Productions
  • Executive Producer: David Gurney
  • Producer/Creator/Writer: Emma Wilson
  • Writer: Sam Carroll

A Sri Lankan-Aussie teen’s dream of playing T20 cricket is one step closer when she joins her local boys team, but first she needs to survive high school!

Project Development – Short-from series booster

Midlands – 6 x 10 min drama series ($14 500)

  • Production Company: Noble Savage Pictures
  • Executive Producer: Majhid Heath
  • Producer: Hayley B Johnson
  • Writer/Co-creator/Director: Gabriel Morrison
  • Writer/Co-creator: Evan Dixon
  • Story Producer: Ranald Allan
  • Mentor Director: Justin Kurzel

A Lebanese Tasmanian forestry worker embarks on a journey to return his newly acquainted 10 year old daughter to her home. Whilst dealing with the responsibilities of parenthood he is forced to come to terms with his own relationship with his estranged dying father.

Maker’s Treehouse – 26 x 12 min children’s factual series

  • Production company: Bitlink
  • Executive Producer: Sally Browning
  • Producers: James Riggal, Troy Merrit
  • Writer: Celia Boden
  • Director: Darryl Rogers

Part makerspace. Part science show. Part MythBusters. All for kids!

Games Development – Production & Release

Bonesweeper – Puzzle/Collector game for PCs ($15 000)

  • Lead Developer: Josh ‘Cheeseness’ Bush

Dig up fossils, and assemble them into skeletons to place in your museum.